Near Me Electrician Services In Bangalore | Electronic Repair Charges

In our modern lifestyle, we are dependent on a number of electronic devices. And every device has its own limits and lifespan, after which they tend to break down, leaving people stressed and not letting them to relax after a tiring day. If you too find yourself in such a condition, where your device stopped working, you can always search Near me Electrician Services in Bangalore to assist you. Our team of Best electronic services in Bangalore deal with all the types of home appliances repair service in Bangalore and assure you of the professional #electronic equipment #repair #service in #Bangalore or may even bring to electronic service center near me in Bangalore and will return it to you at your doorstep.

We have listed the common electronic problems which you may encounter and needs Electronic Repair Service in Bangalore:


One of the modes of everyday entertainment for the whole family, your TV may need home appliances repair service in Bangalore. The common problems in TV include screen going black, occurrence of horizontal lines on start-up, colored shadows on sides and many more.


During summers, if a refrigerator goes out of service, call the top electronic services in Bangalore immediately. Our team of electronic machinery servicing in Bangalore will help you if there is water dropping out of freezer, deicing issues, frost not working properly, or any other related issue. Apart from this, you can also contact us at contact2me for regular servicing or gas refill issues. The electronic repair service charge in Bangalore is given in rate card below.

Mobile phone

Most of us have at least one mobile phone with us. It may fell down accidentally on floor from a height or in water, leaving us tensed due to problems we may face in aftermath such as phone not switching on, lines present on the screen, charging issue or other audio related issues. Our professional electronic good repair services in Bangalore will take care of all these issues and will take a maximum of two working days depending on the load.

Air Conditioner

AC also plays an important role in providing us relief during scorching hot seasons. If you have issues like gas leakage, drainage issues, faulty filter or thermostat, it indicates that your AC needs immediate assistance from electronic service center near me in Bangalore.

Washing Machine

Washing machines can be damaged by putting load exceeding the capacity, or water coming in contact with electronic panel. In such cases, our well trained experts from electronic machinery servicing in Bangalore will help you out of crisis. Our team will visit you at your home to provide relevant Electronic repair service in Bangalore at best available Electrician service cost in Bangalore.

Why choose electronic services in Bangalore?

Well trained staff

Contact2me boasts of well trained and professional staff for the Best electronic service in Bangalore who is trained using advanced technology and practical sessions. If you are searching for Near me electronic service in Bangalore, your search ends here.

Timely response

One important value imbibed in our staff is the timely resolution of any issue and thus delivering the best electronic goodrepair services in Bangalore. Our technician will arrive at the location within 24 hours of receiving the order and execute the service to your comolete satisfaction.


If you look at the electronic repair services reviews and rating in Bangalore received by us for previous assignments, you may get an idea of the level of reliability of the service done by our top electronic service in Bangalore. And due to this, we want to make you beware of other fraudulent companies misusing the trust of people in us.

Online booking and feedback mechanism

To make the booking process even easier than before, we had launched online booking system for your convenience. You have to simply chose the required service from the list of electronic services in Bangalore and fill the details. The electronic repair service charges in Bangalore are also provided there to chose from. Apart from this, if you have even the slightest complaint regarding the service, you can just share it on the complaint forum and we will send the mechanic again to rectify it. Positive feedback and appreciation can also be recorded online.

Our electronic services


As soon as we got your service order, our technician will reach your place and solve the issue on the spot. Even if, the issue requires sone more technical support, the staff of electronic machinery servicing in Bangalore will take your TV and return it to you within one working day, upon resolution of the issue. The staff of electronic equipment repair service in Bangalore are very efficient in taking care of your valuable items at your place or our workshop or during transit between two. Replacement of capacitor or thermostat will be done using original parts, and be assured that the service will be provided with a six month guarantee. Even the problems related to connectivity, installation and uninstallation will be taken care of by our team of home appliances repair service in Bangalore.


Most of the refrigerator related issues can be resolved by top electronic service in Bangalore on the spot. The regular servicing as well as gas refill will be done only after the refrigerator is empty, so you may plan and book the service at your convenience. The parts used for electronic repair service in Bangalore are approved and genuine. We have experience in repairing single door, double door, triple door and side by side refrigerator. Above all these, we also offer a one-month guarantee for our best electronic service in Bangalore. The issues related to foul smell, stabilizer defect and wiring problems are included in the regular servicing as well. You can also refer to the electronic repair services review and rating in Bangalore to read the opinions shared by our valuable customers on various online platforms.

Mobile phone

Our expert team of Near me electronic service in Bangalore will find and diagnose the exact problem with your phone. The services offered by us include but not limited to replacement of battery, charging dock, speaker, camera, volume key and touch screen. The experts are also versed with solving the software related issues, providing you the all rounder service at most affordable electronic repair charges in Bangalore. The mobile repairing professionals are trained regularly to make them aware of the latest smartphone technology in the market, and only use original parts for repairing the defected unit. The professionals of our team are duly authorized by mobile phone companies to carry out the repair and service work. During software updates, there may be some data loss from the phone, so it is highly advisable to have a proper backup in the device. If you are not able to do it on your own, simply ask our technician to guide you. Apart from this, our team may also provide you some tips on how to take care of your mobile phones.

Air Conditioner

Electronic service center in Bangalore will send the AC mechanic to your house, where they will come equipped with all the means to internal cleaning of AC and filling of gas and vacuum. It is always recommended by experts to avoid partial filling of gas or full volume fill. Moreover, gas leakage will be checked by technicians before carrying out any gas filling activity in your faulty AC. The service of electronic equipment repair service in Bangalore can also be availed if you want to install or uninstall the AC, you can get in touch with contact2me. Whether you have window AC or split AC, our team is equipped with means to handle every model and make of them. The strict training of our staff ensures that they are well-versed with the relevant technology and always lead the industry of electronic repair services in Bangalore. AC of any tonnage can be handled perfectly by the trained professionals of our team.

Washing Machine

You can chose to install or uninstall your washing machine with our electronic good repair services in Bangalore. Other than this, our expert team can resolve the functional issues like washer spinning abnormally and machine making sound while operating. Any model of washing machine can be repaired seamlessly by our professionals. The service comes with a six-month long guarantee offer, and the team will take care of the issue to provide you utmost satisfaction regarding the service. It is highly recommended by experts to not wash clothes with lose buttons or other accessories in washing machines as it may damage the internal body of the equipment. When the techinician visits your house, make sure to empty the washer and dryer compartments of the machine, so that service can be done more efficiently. The professional team have adequate knowledge and technical know-how for repairing top as well as front load type of washing machines.

Rate card

The electronic repair service cost in Bangalore is provided below:

Electronic ApplianceIssuePriceInstallation charge
TVGeneral Repair600500
Gas Refill1650
Mobile PhoneReplacement charge200 + actual component costNil
Air ConditionerWet Servicing4501500
Gas Fill1750
Washing MachineGeneral Servicing/Repair600400 (including water pipe)

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and any other type of service other than those mentioned above will be charged accordingly.