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Beauty is the jewelry for women. From the medieval ages, women’s used to makeover and get dressed to look beautiful. It’s in their nature. Without the beauty a woman doesn’t gloom. Indian Women also beautify themselves and on festive occasions like weddings and Holi etc. they take extra time. Nowadays in modern ages spa have originated and built which have an extra calm environment and which makes you feel relaxed. Comfort, Nourish and delighted are its basic features. You will feel happy after the session.

Saloon at Home for Women IN Bangalore is the best option for any girl or women who want to get any makeup done or facial treatments. Spa is a business and it provides services for improving the health and relaxation by different treatments and personal care. Massage for Women IN Bangalore is now very easy and economical as every colony has beauty and spa salons. Hair Spa IN Bangalore deals with every styling and setting of hair. Every type of haircut is being provided by Hair spa in Bangalore. They are expert in their field. They know their every move.

Services provided by Spa in Bangalore:

There is a very long list of services which are provided by beauty and spa salons. They are different from head to toe. Some of them are as under:

  • Haircut: It is a basic need of every girl. Nowadays many new and different cutting styles are available and they keep on varying like on monthly basis. Haircuts give your hair a toned and a styled look. Haircuts have many types like feather, layer, bob-shaped or just a trim. Junior or senior artists are now provided for the services. Hair gives you more than 60% of your looks. They need to be in good shape if you want to look good.
  • Hairstyles: Many new and different hairstyles are now present and adapted according to the occasion. For birthdays more comfy and girly hairstyles are chosen. For Weddings, very heavy and formal looks are given. braids, roll-ons, back braids are very common hairstyles.
  • Makeup: Face makeup is a very favourite thing for girls. There are millions of makeup brand and every artist uses it differently. They try different stuff for creating new and different looks. Eyes makeup, lips makeup comes mainly in this field. contour, Blush and highlight are new favourite products introduced in the makeup. There is a long list of spa and salons located in every colony and famous areas of Bangalore
  • Bridal Makeup: This is a special field of Makeup and it requires heavy look with extra stuff included in it. Extensions and artificial eyelashes are added to give a more beautiful look. Specific and trained staff is needed for them. Junior and senior Beauty Artist in Bangalore are available for bridal makeup
  • Massages: To calm down and relax one needs a massage. Different services like neck massage, foot massage, hand massage and full body massage are also given by them. They have different sessions of different time periods.
  • Pedicure and Manicure: Sometimes after a rough and hectic routine your hands and feet got cracked and tan. Foots and hands are the main part of your body and need proper care and good health all the time. For this you need a monthly Pedicure and Manicure so that your hands and feet are freshened and you look young and healthy. Pedicure is term used for foots and Manicure is for hands. After both of these your hands will feel soft and look good.
  • Facials: This is for the face and it includes many types. Simple, herbal, whitening etc. Acne porn skin have different special facial which is also very costly. Different skins have different types of Facials for them. Nowadays organic herbals are going into trend very much. In this type basic stuff is used and herbal things are added e.g. turmeric, milk etc.
  • Facial/Body waxes: Hair removal is a very common service at every parlour. It varies from single part to full body waxes depending on the customer. Upper lips, Arms and legs are common parts for waxing and is very common for every age. A private and secure room is available for this service.
  • Relaxing Therapies: This is to destress a person. It has different sessions and the smallest session lasts for forty minutes. Oil is a very good agent and help you calm down. This is the basic feature for the relaxing therapies. Milk is also nowadays used very commonly for relaxing therapies. Jazz music is introduced in the room for more good and relaxed environment. Standard time for a session is 40 minutes.

Importance of Beauty and spa:

Spa and beauty salons are now part of our daily routine like if we exercise and eat healthy daily. To de-stress and remain calms these things and services are necessary. Makeup, hairstyling are common practices nowadays. They made you look young, beautiful and more attractive. People are in the run of becoming more beautiful and for this, they are struggling every day. Indian culture and tradition teach girl from their childhood that how to get yourself look more pretty and attractive. Making you look good is a very positive introduces positive vibes in your body. So try to feel good and avail services at spa and beauty salons. They do wonders.

Qualities of Good Beauty and Spa Salons:

Life is so stressful and hectic nowadays. Every person plate is full at present and there comes a saturation level where you are unable to think and decide. The human body has the capacity to get back to its original form after some time. On the same hand, energy and time are required to the body for getting back to its original shape. Food helps but not to a good extent. You also need mind relaxation for the proper functioning of your body. If your brain is stressed which is the central part of the body then you will not function properly and will feel clumsy all the time.

Getting a good spa is all you need sometimes to detoxify your negative thoughts and emotions. It helps you calm down so fast and help you regain your energy levels. Thought of having it at home then contact2me is the best option. They have all the portable stuff that is needed during the massage. This is like pampering yourself at home.contact2me is the best spot for this.

Bangalore life is very stressful and this can make you look worn-out sometimes. So you need good staff and relax time for yourself where you can think properly. Contact2me helps you out regarding this to relieve your stress and hazard of searching services online.

  • Trained female Therapists: Saloon at Home for Women IN Bangalore has trained and expert female Beauty Artist in Bangalore who are fully professional in their work. They are given full hands on training for massage for two years. They carry massage beds and have special oils and shampoos which are totally organic. Spa in Bangalore near me provides best services and has very good staff. Aroma, Candles and music are provided which is very soothing. Sheets and towels are disposable. Relaxing massage at home is also provided by Best beauty spa in Whitefield. They have the best and smoothest voice so they calm you down during your session. Neck massage really helps to straighten up your spine and makes you feel fresh and energetic.
  • Convenient timings: Best spa and saloon in Indiranagar provide a very suitable timeframe for its customers. They also send their
  • Male services: Moreover, Massage For men IN Bangalore is provided best by contactme2 services. Males also need some stuff done and relaxed time so this is the best spot. Choose it and you will never be disappointed. They have facial, haircut and other services as well.
  • Couple Spa: This is a new service provided by the Beauty and spa in Bangalore. In this type of spa both of the couple female and male are invited and with their consult special massage is given to them. spa in Bangalore near me provide these services and if a couple wants to get a massage together they both should definitely try this at contact2me.

Rates and charges:

Charges and rates of beauty and spa services vary with the type and artist needed. They are very economical when compared to other high-end salons. Here is the rate card for different services:

ServicesJunior ArtistSenior Artist
Haircut 1000 1500
Hairstyle 1200 1500
Simple Makeup 1000 1500
Party Makeup 1500 2000
Engagement Makeup 3000 4000
Bridal makeup 25000 30000

Skin Services:

Simple Facial1000
Herbal facial2000
Acne Facial3000
Whitening Facial3500
Face wax500
Upper lips and eyebrows1000

Spa and Massage Rate card:

Swedish oil massage1000
Deep tissue massage2000
Aromatherapy Massage3000
Distress Treatment4000
Body scrub treatment5000
Top to toe relaxation2000
Head to oil massage1000
Face massage3000