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Bangalore is the most advanced metropolitan city in India .Whether in IT field or in Heavy chemical engineering field it never lacked behind. In Social service too it succeeded with all its potentials.It is been a daunting job for blood banks to meet the ever rising demands of Bangalore. With every moment demand for blood rises in Bangalore donating the blood is our moral responsibility. Therefore each one of us should donate blood if not regularly then occasionally.There are many Blood donation organization in Bangalore who regularly organizes blood donation camp in Bangalore to collect blood. We should willingly participate as blood donors in Bangalore. Our company promises you to stand by you in an emergency by providing you with several options to select the best blood donation center in Bangalore.We fulfill the blood donation requirement in Bangalore.

Blood donation is an integral part of social service which involves donating your blood happily which can save anyone’s life. It is an effective health program in our country. We all have some responsibility towards society and towards the nation.Donating blood is harmless and safe.Blood donated will save the life of your fellow beings. Sometimes he himself may use for its own need. Our company will provide you with the contact of most efficient 24 hours blood banksin Bangalore.

During the second world war in 1942,voluntary blood donation in India started its journey to help the injured soldiers who were in need of blood frantically.First blood bank was inaugurated at kolkata, West Bengal in 1942 by Red Cross. In 1954 voluntary Blood camp was started in Mumbai by Leela Moolgaonkar who was a social reformer. From 1960 several cities were benefited by blood camps.

Do you know Bangalore has many blood resources where ready blood is available of all groups? but how will you get the information ? To all your questions we will give you solution. Our company will guide you with sincerity. Here are some points that may guide you

How can I get blood?

Our website maintains an online portal which provides you details about blood types available in blood banks or hospitals with their respective contacts across Bangalore. The website also gives you the details of exact location so that you can easily reach in the spot without any difficulty. You can always search with the option Blood donation camp near me.It will provide with detailed information.Our website is up dated regularly.

There are many Blood donation organization in Bangalore among them some are well reputed for their work like Sankalp India foundation, RashtratothanaParisad , Red Cross Society and many more.

Sankalp India Foundation- It is a non-Governmental organization working since 2003 working for blood donation, thalassemia and disaster relief. They have blood helpline numbers. They are one of the leading organization that supply rare blood group named “Bombay blood group”. They also organizes blood donation camps.

RashtratothanaParisad – It is a social service provider which was founded in 1965 at Bangalore. It is the largest blood bank in state. It collected 48, 647 units of through various blood donation camps.

Red cross society-Indian Red cross society -It is an national social organization who does all type of humanitarian activity all over India to minimize the suffering of human beings. They have branch in Bangalore too. They too serve as blood donation organization to provide relief to patients

Some other famous blood banks in Bangalore are enlisted below

  • Lions blood bank
  • MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
  • Victoria Hospital
  • Bangalore Medical Services
  • Life Care Blood Bank
  • Rotary Blood bank
  • Grace Blood Bank
  • Bangalore Blood Bank

Blood and its varieties

  • Blood cannot be manufactured it can be donated; It is 7% of your body weight.
  • O positive blood can be used by all patients but it has low self-life so it is in great need.
  • AB positive blood can also be accepted by all patients by all type of blood group patients.
  • Due to the short-life span of blood constant supply of blood is needed. RBCs can be used for 40 days, Platelets can be used for one year if stored in refrigerator and Platelets should be used within 5 days. Due to the increase in cancer patients, there is a huge crisis of blood all around. Even accident patients die due to lack of blood. Our company will solve your problem with the solution by providing you with different blood banks contacts.

How does Blood Donation Organization works

The Blood bank will examine and match with the required blood group, and then they will sell. The blood is stored and preserved for a week and then stored as a plasma form. When some is struggling for life as a cause of loss of blood, the blood bank acts as a boon in their life by supplying blood. Hundreds of life is saved by this process.Donation of blood is the main responsibility of an individual in our country. Even the government plays an important part to solve the crisis of blood in the city. It requests everyone to donate blood .This message is spread by hoardings, signboards, or through media advertisement .People who donate blood voluntarily does not get anything in return accept blessings. So Blood Donation in Bangalore for money is not a correct concept. The government leaves on the will of donors who donate voluntarily. Therefore blood donation requirement in Bangalore is increased to save many lives. Our Company helps you to search for the best blood bank in the city to fulfill the requirement.

Why an individual should Donate Blood?

Donation of Blood is not only good for others it is also good for donors because it decreases the risk of heart diseases other than glucose and pressure reduction. Patient with iron overloaded is also benefited by preventing toxic accumulation. The whole process of blood donation starting from collecting blood to preserving it is a very safe process.

Rules and hurdles in this field

Both the Governmental as well as the non-Governmental organization of blood donation are available in Bangalore you never know which is good. The Blood Bank Activities functions under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and for an operation they have to obtain a license from the Drug Controller General. It gives stress on the manpower, equipment, good manufacturing practices and process controlled by the Indian blood transfusion services.

Our main hurdles for voluntary blood donation are fear for pain,weakness and unawareness about program.Our study conducted says mostly men donate blood and very few women donate blood due to hemoglobin count and health problem.

Step to Encourage Blood Donation

1st October is observed as National voluntary blood donation day. It is believed that more you donate blood the more you save a life. Donating blood is a lifesaving process for the persons who are going through surgery, suffering from anemia or cancer. Blood is also needed in huge amount for wounded soldiers in military wars therefore;the availability of a sufficient amount of blood is the concern of society.For few decades, the source of blood has drastically shifted from imported blood to local donated blood. There is also option for blood donation for money in Bangalore which is arranged by our company.

Objectives of the study of blood donation camps

  • To increase awareness among common people about blood donation
  • Discover the positive and negative attitude among common people
  • To identify the obstacles and difficulties of an individual for donating blood
  • To work over motivational factors to increase the blood donation process.

Step to encourage blood donation

Blood donation camps organize different blood donation camps to encourage common people for blood donation. Camps are usually held in hospitals or college camps.In 2016 government has introduced a program named E-raktkosh a web- based network that unites all the blood banks in the single network. In 2002 government have printed the National Blood Policy(NBP) to review the commitment to safe blood and components. It keeps a record of documents and adequate resources and technology to improve the blood transfusion process.

How government participates

Donation of blood is the main responsibility of an individual in our country. Even the government plays an important part to solve the crisis of blood in the city. It requests everyone to donate blood .This message is spread by hoardings, signboards, or through media advertisement .

Why to choose us?

Blood donation is a profitable concept connected with medical science especially advantageous in the surgical field.Our company provides best contact for blood donation in Bangalore for 24 hours. You will never be disheartened with our blood donation social services in Bangalore. We have solution to all your problems. Our main aim is to provide best solution to the customer in affordable price .Our main is to have a society where there is no shortage of blood.There are most efficient blood donation center in Bangalore who supply blood for 24 hours but this not the end our company can provide more contacts of blood bank that can genuinely help you at the time of emergency.