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Child protection means to protect the child from any kind of physical and emotional violence e.g. abuse and neglect. It is a broad term to describe guidelines, policies and standards for child protection and its development. It is a global crisis to unable to protect our children. According to a report, every year 0.5-1.0 million children are forced to experience a violation of different forms. For millions of years, our small children are being targets of criminals in society. There is thousands of form of child abuse. Nowadays it is one of the common problems in every other city in the world.

Article 19 in UN convention on the rights of the child gives protection of children in or outside of their home. Child protection system is related to those organizations and companies which have their team assigned for the child protection and their development.

The first Legislation for Child Protection and development was passed in 1950”s in America. There has been a great increase in the number of organizations for Child protection in Bangalore. Child protection laws are getting stronger day by day to ensure the safety of the young flowers of our society. There also has been a lot of emphasis on Child development in Bangalore. There is a long list of Children Welfare Organizations in Bangalore.

These Organizations run on their own private money. Governmental funds or donations people give them. They have not any personal cause and word effortlessly for improving the young generations. If a country doesn’t focus on their children how will they succeed?? Because at the end of the day all responsibilities are going to be on their shoulders. We have to make our base stronger for a better and prosperous India where everyone can breathe easily.

What do these welfare Organizations do?

Many Activists and social figures have raised their voices to save the children in Bangalore. There have been different groups of them working for a single cause because it’s so sad to say that child abuse has so many different kinds of branches and forms. These Children welfare Organizations in Bangalore have a wide variety of centres.

Each of them Deal in different Areas. There is also Child Helpline in Bangalore to save the children and women.maltreatement of these children can cause their developmental delays, physical and emotional problems and difficulties in getting into a good school. In a nutshell, these children don’t give their full payback to the economies. Near me, welfare Organizations in Bangalore are working against all odds in protecting and giving these children a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Encountered Problems

Child Labour

In many Poor countries due to socioeconomic reasons, many children have been forced to work so they can survive. This happens in very difficult situations and imbalance in the society and made the adults more vulnerable. Near me, Children Welfare Organizations in Bangalore are working to their fullest to stop this victimization. Child Helpline in Bangalore provides these poor children with a place to live with all educational facilities and proper diet.

Endangerment and infanticide

In Different countries, for committing small crimes children are long sentenced in jail. They also gave them capital punishments to these children. They are made prisoners in war if the military use of children is being done. Top children welfare Organizations also work in this context and talk on different Media for the protection and development of children. They defend them with proper laws and legislation. Women and Child Welfare Organizations in Rajajinagar and Koramangala are working day and night to give full protection to these children.

Child Abuse

Many Children who come under the protection of child welfare systems because of the different situations. This is collectively known as child abuse. Abuse comes mainly in two is an abuse of power and other is using of power for which you are not allowed. It is using your powers in a wrong way after gaining trust. Child protection and Development in Bangalore plays a huge role in Child abuse to save the world. Different types of child abuse are:

  1. Physical Abuse: It’s a physical assault on a child. Its basic purpose is to bring fear and harasses the child. In some conditions, the victim is forcefully made agree to the assaults and in some cases, he is giving false positive signals to the victim. Child protection in Bangalore has their workers properly trained for these types of abuses.
  2. Sexual Abuse: It is a total molestation of a small child against his well and completely shutters his or her personality. Stalking and offenses on the internet also came under the same category. It can be direct or indirect means of assault. Welfare Societies like save the children in Bangalore are always taking serious actions against child abuse. It’s considered as a felony or a brutal crime. People should focus on these things apart from their daily lives. Top Welfare Organizations in Malleswaram do regular counselling of these types of children so they can face the society with full confidence.
  3. Neglect: This includes the failure to protect the child against any possible harm or unable to cover the basic needs of him or her. Needs are all the actions that should be taken all the time for the security of the child. When someone is given the responsibility powers he or she must use it wisely. If an abusive person is assaulting the child and others safeguarding the child are unable to protect it (negligent) Children Welfare Organizations in Bangalore always focus on this negligence issue and conduct awareness walks and seminars to address the public.
  4. Psychological Abuse: Providing the basic needs of a child whenever he decides or wishes something is the responsibility of his or her caretakers. When the people who are responsible for it are unable to do it they are playing with the emotions of the child and making him emotionally unstable. Emotional neglect is also considered as a sin in some countries. “Near me Child welfare Organizations in Bangalore” held special meetings and conferences for this kind of special child who feels themselves depressed all the time. Their emotional counselling is needed all the time so they can become a better citizen and survive in this hard world. Groups like Save the children in Bangalore also educate #local people and the general public so they don’t treat these children poorly and understand their problems.
  5. Parental Responsibility: Special meetings and conferences are arranged every now and then by Children Welfare Organizations in Bangalore for the parents of these special children. After what their children went through their parents are embarrassed and devasted. They are unable to face the society and cannot even talk or meet other people. Their social circle becomes very small. These organizations introduce them to other parents like them who have coped this problem open heartedly and live in peace and harmony. Their confidence needs a boost and a push. Everyone on their side pays a role even if it’s one small gesture.
  6. Importance of these Organizations: For the best interests of the child who are abused physically or emotionally these welfare organizations are playing a huge one can deny it. Without them, these poor souls would have to suffer a lot and will not be able to survive in this cruel and harsh world. “Child Helpline in Bangalore” has received much appraisal and prayers from the local public.

To save our young generations and see them growing and developing healthy someone should always be there to protect and see them. In this way, they grow up naturally. This is such a sensitive issue that every heart melts with it. Every parent also sees other children like his children especially when they are of the same age. They cannot see any child dying on the road or begging on the street.

Top Welfare Organizations in Malleswaram” and Bangalore have high aims. They have taken one huge step ahead of society. They need to bring good morals and want to capture the evil eagles of the country. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Children around the Globe today need more support, more confident to make them able to cope against all the odds despite the violence they faced. Just think of yourself at this moment for one. Like you are in a misery and u called 911 and no one came. How you feel?? Are u not devastated?? This is what exactly happens every day with these poor souls.

These things need to be addressed on daily basis on every electronic media so that today our child can walk and talk freely. Save the children in Bangalore like campaigns needs a big round of apparel for what they are doing. Everyone should do intuits responsibility of everyone who lives in this country and wants it to be a developed and a healthy one. These children need more time, energy and resources. Let’s make this world a better place.

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