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Bangalore is the most advanced metropolitan city in India .Whether in IT field or in Heavy chemical engineering field it never lacked behind. In Social service too it succeeded with all its potentials.It is been a daunting job for blood banks to meet the ever rising demands of Bangalore. With every moment demand for blood rises in Bangalore donating the blood is our moral responsibility. Therefore each one of us should donate blood if not regularly then occasionally.There are many Blood donation organization in Bangalore who regularly organizes blood donation camp in Bangalore to collect blood. We should willingly participate as blood donors in Bangalore. Our company promises you to stand by you in an emergency by providing you with several options to select the best blood donation center in Bangalore.We fulfill the blood donation requirement in Bangalore.

Pollution is a very deadly and a major problem for every other country. India is also going through this Environmental issue. Major issue is the fumes and smokes from the vehicles and industries. They are raising the amount of harmful chemical like C02 and S02 in the air thus making it hard to breathe. Air is our biosphere and we live in it all the time. It needs to be clean. Environment is a combination of living and non-living organisms. It’s polluted when fewer trees are planted and more wood is burnt in order for the survival of Mankind. Save Green NGO in Bangalore is working and educating people all the time towards a more safe and healthy India. Environment is not owned by a single person. It belongs to everyone. So it’s not a duty of a single person to make efforts for its protection. Its duty of every single person on planet. A big city like Bangalore is not saved from this ghost. Water is wasted by the people and there are many NGO’s working for the water Conservation in Bangalore. They are a blessing for this century’s people. There is also a long list of environmental NGOs in Bangalore. Their basic aim is to save trees in Bangalore.

Problems caused by Pollution:

Green NGO’s in Bangalore have discussed many times the problems related to the Environmental pollution. Here are some of the problems:

  1. Harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium cause Asthma and breathing problems.
  2. Eyes infection and other allergic reactions are caused by dangerous chemicals.
  3. Skin problems are getting very common due to ozone depletion.
  4. Ecosystem is disturbed and animals and birds genes are also affected.Foodweb is disturbed.
  5. Mortality rate is getting higher due to this environmental pollution.
  6. Extinction happens and many major species of the animals are dying and are not found every day.

Role of NGO’s in Bangalore:

Save Green NGO in Bangalore has many different kinds of roles and they all are directly affecting the water, Air or soil. In short they are making this environment rich. Some of the major aims of these NGO’s are discussed below.

1. Tree Plantation: Trees are a main source of oxygen and without them fresh air is impossible. So for a healthy generation and a long life more and more trees should be planted by everyone. Save trees in Bangalore is a service that is educating masses on daily basis to plant more trees and don’t cut them for making your own stuff. These will all cause pollution and a day will come when harmful chemicals in the air will reach a dangerous level. Many Save Green NGO’s in Bangalore work tirelessly and without any reward for a better and a prosperous India. Green cover in India should be increased. Tree Plantation in Bangalore is the cause towards which they are working. Days for planting trees should be celebrated by everyone from school to office level. Government should introduce incentives for those who plant trees.

Following are the roles/functions of trees:

  • They give us unlimited and free of cost Oxygen every time.
  • They store carbon which is a very important element and is necessary for survival.
  • They conserve water and bring rain to earth so indirectly they are also a source of water.
  • Give life to Wildlife so tress basically maintains the ecosystem.
  • They give us shade in the scorching heat. As Global warming is increasing temperature of the earth which is very dangerous.

2. Water Conservation: Fresh and clean water is a very limited resource. Water is life and without this one cannot imagine to live. It’s needed for everything. Washing, drinking, cleaning, eating and every other work of life requires this chemical. Environmental Groups in Bangalore are trying to implement policies regarding the conservation of water. It’s a natural universal solvent and is a basic thing for dissolving many solvents. It’s very necessary and must for everyone to save it for meeting the current and future human demand. So in short imagine a day without it and you will came to know what it feels like.There is many NGO’s working for the water Conservation in Bangalore. Their basic aims are:

  1. Use less water on everyday basis.
  2. Close your taps while brushing teeth.
  3. Save water and ultimately save Earth.

3. Dispose of waste: People around the globe are still very backward and indecent regarding managing their waste. Municipal and house hold waste is always left untreated and this goes to the water bodies. This pollutes the water and make it unfit for use. So it all starts on how to dispose of your waste at house level. Large trash should be disposed of properly otherwise they will become the cause of land pollution. Waste Management in Bangalore is celebrating cleaning days on monthly basis on which cleaning of a specific portion of a city is done. illiteracy is also a major cause of waste problem. People should educate their children in order to know the problems and diseases caused by the waste. Eco-friendly bags are provided by these NGO’s to gather the waste. This waste also include bottle cans, wrapper of chips, shoppers etc. People eat in public places and everyone should throw them in dustbin otherwise it makes the place dirty and a stash. We all clean our homes but on a larger scale of state it is still left unpolluted. Environmental groups in Whitefield’s also organise small talks on this important issue. In their events they talk to everyone and tell them the importance of cleanliness. Waste Management in Bangalore is a very popular organisation.

4. Less use of vehicles: Vehicles such as taxi, car, motorbike, cabs all are polluting this environment by releasing harmful and toxic chemicals. These vehicles release nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. These both chemicals cause severe allergy and different kinds of deadly diseases in humans and animals. Environmental groups in Koramangala are also offering paid internships to youth and young generation so that they took part in this noble cause more actively. They also offer small gifts to those persons who participate actively at the end of the campaign or healthy activity. To overcome this problem we should all minimize the use of vehicles and try to walk more if the distance is very short. Moreover buses should be used alternate to a personal care or Motorbike. This will decrease the smoke and pollution in the air.Green NGO’s in Rajajinagaare educating people to walk more and more. Use your bicycles which don’t cause pollution and make the air clean. This all pollution makes the air more heavy and polluted. Smog is also caused by it in the winters. Smog is basically the combination of the smoke and fog. There are many volunteer options in this NGO.if anyone wants to contact or join them then contact2me is the best option.

5. Ban on plastic use: Plastic is a very harmful material and a non-biodegradable thing. This can’t be disposed of and its piles make the environment more polluted. Moreover it’s also not healthy for human health so we all should use it very less. Green NGO’s in Rajajinagar are circulating broachers in all over the city so that people don’t use plastic bags. These organizations have their small setups in different parts of the city so they can educate people. One can donate their money to these organisations so that they will play a part towards a more positive India.

6. Industries location: Industries and other companies should be constructed in the area where there is no population. Basically according to the laws they should be constructed far away from the residential area. Nowadays they are developed in the centre of the city making the water and Air more polluted. Environment NGO’s in Bangalore are forcing government to amend policies so that industries are constructed in a specific Industrial Areas.

Importance of Go Green NGO’s:

21st century is the modern age with new developments and advancements .But it also has polluted our environment. Go Green NGO’s in Bangalore are very important in restoring and maintaining the green cover in the country. They small acts of goodness and make sure that everyone participates in their noble cause. They are non-profitable and non-Governmental organizations and their only aim is the green and a clean India so that we and our future generations can live a prosperous life. Environment NGO’s in Bangalore and Rajajinagar are promoting eco-friendly materials all over the country. Moreover Green NGO’s in Rajajinagar don’t ask for money and don’t have any position in Government. These organisations usually run on financial aids provided by the Government and the charity given to them by different types of groups. If you are trying to reach them for the donations then contact2me is the best place. This website will guide you to the different NGO’s in the Bangalore with their contact information. This will directly put you in touch with them.