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Our house is the first impression we make at our guests or relatives when they come to meet us. And to make the house looking for beautiful and wonderful, it must be painted and well maintained. The factors like time and rain diminish the beauty of the house paint year by year. Painting your house exterior on your own is not always easy. So we at contact2me have a group of professional painting contractor Bangalore near me to help you make your house looking beautiful again.

The common problems associated with house paint are:

  • Damage from moisture, ultra violet rays and structural pests: More often the exterior and some portions of the interior too, are subject to long and continuous exposure to sunlight, water, pollution and pests. These factors reduce the lifespan of house paint and you may be required to contact house painters in Bangalore to hire them for their professional painting services in Bangalore. The structural pests like termites and bugs can seriously weaken the house wall, making it vulnerable to cracking and falling down. The water seepage from inside the house also weakens the walls and thus affecting the strength and beauty of the house.
  • Blistering: Blistering is another common phenomenon associated with house paint problems. These can again be rooted back to moisture as the main cause. When water evaporates from within the paint coating, they get trapped by the paint layer, resulting in the phenomenon known as blistering. The Near me house painters in Bangalore will help you in getting rid of this issue.
  • Peeling: Even though peeling also starts as a blister, there are other factors contributing to its formation as well. Most common among them is the application of too many layers of paint over the older ones, making the top layer to peel off abruptly. Moisture also plays an indirect role in this phenomenon, along with other causes like poorly finished surface that is greasy and dirty, can also make the paint to peel. In case you also face a similar issue, it’s better to treat it at an early stage and Book painting services online in Bangalore. The painting contractors near me from contact2me will take care of the issue.
  • Chalking: You must have noticed a powdery substance on exterior siding of your house wall. This is called chalking, which also leaves the powder on the clothes if kept or brought in contact of the wall. As the problem of chalking persists, it is actually rubbing the paint off from your walls slowly and silently. Experienced more in the house interior, it may leave a soiled impression on the guests coming to your house.
  • Cracking and chipping: Sometimes a painted finish may have cracks developing on it or chips coming out randomly. This situation, also termed as ‘Alligatoring’ is usually caused when a hard finish paint is being applied over a layer of soft paint, or when flat paint layer has been applied over a high sheen paint. Our team of professional painting services in Bangalore have already rectified such cases in our previous assignments and received great satisfaction and feedback from the customers.
  • Mildew and Mold: Mildew is a problem seen in very old houses, which is a fungus that produces a superficial white or grey patch on a moist area growing from the walls. Mold is a black or green latch, occurring due to a larger infestation. Apart from posing health issues, they are also bad for the house wall and structure. A toxic mold can cause allergies, asthma, irritated eyes, headaches and lung issues to the residents. It is thus advisable by the experts at contact2me to treat the problem with the help of Home painting service in Bangalore.
  • Rust: Rust stains on the house walls can ruin the look of the otherwise perfect wall. It may be due to a rusting nail being fixed in the wall or due to some wooden art piece you have hanged to make the wall more beautiful. The problem of rusting signs on the wall may mar the whole point of getting the wall painted and making it look beautiful. It is clearly visible even from a distance on white or lighter colour walls. You can book painting services online in Bangalore to get rid of the problem and get the desired results.

Why chose top house painter in Bangalore?

There are many house painters in Bangalore, but the features that make the team of painting contractor near me at contact2me are listed below:

  • Trusted and most positively reviewed house painting service in Bangalore: A lot of satisfied customers had already praised the method of working and equipments used by our team of Best painting services in Bangalore. The long lasting service offered by our team will reduce the maintenance cost on your house.
  • Online booking facility: Anytime you feel that your house roof and walls need some repair or experience any of the above mentioned problems, you just have to fill an online form describing the issue and your requirements and can book printing services online in Bangalore just sitting in your home. You can also invite the team from among the list of house painters in Bangalore for the survey and inspection if you are unable to decide the exact cause and issue your house is facing. The house painting in Bangalore cost is mentioned for each service on the website.
  • Timely delivery of services: The moment we receive an order for Home painting service in Bangalore, our team is informed of the details and they will reach your doorstep within 24 hrs of booking. The whole service will be completed as per the timeline committed at the beginning of the deal.
  • Well trained and experienced staff: The staff at contact2me is well trained with advanced techniques and technology to provide the Best Home Painting services in Bangalore. There are practical sessions regularly organised at a different location for the team, to polish their delivery quality from time to time.

Our painting services:

Choice of paint types based on room types

  • Living / Dining room: It is the largest room in most urban houses and the place where guests spend their most of the time while visiting you. To keep it up to the mark, our team will apply 100% latex acrylic paint with the eggshell type of finishing. They are not as shiny as regular gloss paints but have very subtle shine.
  • Kitchen: Our kitchens are usually prone to oily vapours and spills. You may use the tiles in the cooking area, but the even then, walls tend to get dirty and thus requiring a fresh coat of paint every two to three years. Latex enamel or acrylic paints with the easily washable surface is ideal.
  • Bedroom: The glare-free paint is ideal to be applied in the bedroom using acrylic latex and matte emulsion, for which you can easily contact online painting service provider Bangalore.
  • Bathroom: Painted with washable acrylics and gloss or semi-gloss surface, you can use a variety of options for this area. The high moisture content may cause some problems like blistering and peeling, but our team of the list of house painters in Bangalore will help you to remove those problems as well.

Solutions of various painting problems

To protect the exterior wall from moisture, UV rays and pest, properly prepared paint with superior quality components is applied. A vapor barrier below the siding along with insulation of exterior walls will prevent the problem of blistering. Peeling paint can easily be removed by sanding, scraping or power washing techniques. Chalking issues can be resolved by washing the affected wall with a solution of laundry detergent and water. Nails that are likely to cause rusting are rubbed with sandpaper and coated with proper anti-rust substances.

Exterior painting

Painting the exterior of a building is always difficult than the interior ones. It should be done by professionals who are well trained and equipped with proper accessories like rollers, ladders, trays and protective gear for personnel, to paint the building. Apart from painting, preparation of metal or wooden surfaces is also required which may be charged accordingly. Before painting, cracks are filled and chips are peeled off to give better results for the professional painting services in Bangalore.

Preparation before painting

Before painting inside the house, all the furniture and other household items like kitchen items, TV, computer, fridge, washing machine, etc. will be properly covered. Sanding material and other priming material will be brought by our team of top house painters in Bangalore.

You can find the house painting in Bangalore cost in the rate card given below:

Painting cost per sq ft (interior) inc. labour charge Rs. 25
Painting cost per sq ft (exterior) inc. labour charge Rs. 35
Paint material As per actual
Priming and filling of cracks per 100 sq cm Rs. 50