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Near Me Pest Control Services In Bangalore | Exterminator Charges

Pests are known for creating nuisance in our everyday lives. They can be as small as termites, ants and can be as large as birds such as pigeons and sparrows. They usually infest our homes, factories, warehouses and commercial compounds. In addition to the frustration caused by them, they may also weaken the structural stability of your building, which is not good in long-run. Some of these pests may have their presence so deep inside your kitchen sink pipes that it is not possible to get rid of them without using professional pest doctor services Bangalore. Pest doctors are experienced to determine all the possible locations of pests in your house or building and can solve your problem using most affordable and high quality pest control devices/solutions.

Some of the common problems caused by pests are:

  • Spreading disease: Termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats, fleas and many more pests generally carry germs and viruses with them which can spread disease and making a significant number of people in the neighbourhood sick. Once the place is infested badly by these disease-carrying pests, it is imminent that more and more residents living nearby may get affected. The presence of these pests makes our homes and offices unhygienic, thus presenting a risk of getting infected unknowingly.
  • Allergy and Venom: Pests are known to carry allergens too. Their faeces may contain allergic compounds and it is not always easy to detect them in your home. Cockroaches and mosquitoes faeces are almost invisible to our eyes, unless specifically not looking for it. It may be present on the plates in which you are eating or on the table where you have your dinner. Commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants also face problems of these pests, if not attended and maintained regularly.
  • Damage to building: Termites and rodents can cause structural damage to the building. Rodents are known for their ability to dig around the foundation of buildings, making them unsafe to live in. If not treated at an early stage of infestation, it may render your building unsafe to live.
  • Damage to furniture: Wooden furniture items are easily infected by termites. If you observe the trail of some brown powder like substance, it’s an indication of your furniture being acting as home to pests like a wood termite. There are some chemicals available to use for keeping them away, but improper use will do more harm than helping you. The chemicals are usually toxic and not good for health if consumed. The professional team of pest controllers from contact2me will make sure of using chemicals less harmful to humans, and resolving the termite issue as well.
  • Damage to crops or food items: There are many pests like beetles, caterpillars, flies and maggots, which directly attack your main source of food items like raw rice, wheat, corn, soybean and other grain items which most of the people store in bulk in their homes or in hotel kitchens. If rice or wheat is not washed properly before consumption, there is a chance that you may be eating those tiny creatures with your otherwise healthy and delicious meal. Again, some medicines in form of tablets are available in the market, but storing them in your house may present the risk of getting in hands of children. Instead, you can ask for the services available with pest control in Bangalore to disinfect your grains and cereals at an early stage, maybe during the time you brought them to your house.

Why chose Pest control services in Bangalore?

  • Experienced and well-trained personnel: The team of pest control staff at contact2me is highly experienced in their field and are available as and when required.
  • Online booking and complaint system: You may just book the near me pest control services in Bangalore by submitting a simple form and booking it at your convenient time. By chance, if you are not satisfied with the quality of service or face even a slight issue, you can inform us about the matter, which will be resolved on priority. We at Pest control in Bangalore feel that the customers coming to us are already stressed out due to pest problems and make our best efforts to make them happy and satisfied.

Following are our top pest control services in Bangalore:

Cockroaches: Our team at contact2me have the most advanced and useful gel to get rid of cockroaches. This treatment will not affect anyone else other than cockroaches and has been termed safe and effective by our valuable customers.

Pest Control service Charges : Gel Treatment @ Rs 300

Termites: These pests damage our furniture, documents and anything containing cellulose. Even before you can see the damage done to your items, they may have silently done their work. They are so tiny that they can crawl within minute cracks and cavities in the foundation or walls of the building. As mentioned above, they leave a trail of mud to provide them humidity for their survival. It is suggested to book the herbal pest control Bangalore as soon as you notice these mud channels in your house. Our team will come and apply the relevant insecticide which will destroy them totally.

Pest Control service Charges: Full treatment @ Rs 450

Ants: Ants are the most abundant of these small pests, which can be found in your house, garden or eatery. We at top pest control in Bangalore have specialized chemicals to fight them which our trained professionals will apply at specific locations and help you in getting rid of ants from your house or buildings.

Pest Control service Charges: Full treatment @ Rs 250

Rats and mice: Rodents are known to be the most disruptive pests. We have the best rat trap cage which can be installed at places frequently visited by rats. The bait material is odourless but a rat will be trapped within hours of setting the trap and instead of dying there, it takes around three days for the poison to be fully effective, before which our trained professionals will visit you again and take them out. It will prevent the rodents to run and make it easy to catch them by our pest doctor services Bangalore.

Pest Control service Charges: 1000 including bait and trap cage

Bedbugs: From hotel rooms to your bedrooms, bed bugs can be found in mattress seams or wall cracks. If your room is infected with these bugs, it has to be treated biweekly for two months to completely eradicate the issue. Our professional pest control services Bangalore will spray the best insecticide at places accessible to them, where they will die on coming in contact with them.

Pest Control service Charges: 800 for complete treatment, including repeat visits

Lizards and spiders: There is a General Disinfestations treatment available with contact2me, which can help you with getting lizards and spider away from your house. It is being recommended to have this treatment at regular intervals as they can re-infest the surrounding. Depending upon the area to be treated, the interval should be within the range of 1-2 months. Since the insecticide used by our professional team may be harmful, all the food items must be removed from the area being treated. Our team will also bring cover materials at an extra cost to cover the dining table or other sensitive things like TV and computer screens, telephones, etc.

Pest Control service Charges : One time treatment @ Rs 350

Birds: To keep the birds away from your house, bird nets are available with contact2me, which are made using the latest and durable technology. These nets will not harm the birds, but only keep you protected from potential damage caused by birds such as pigeons and sparrows. These transparent and waterproof nets also enhance the aesthetic value of the buildings. The net along with other accessories are available with our well-trained team of professional bird controllers.

Pest Control service Charges: Rs 1500 including nets and accessories per 5 meters

Mosquitoes: Mosquito bites are always irritating and pose a serious risk to our health. In the tropical region like Bangalore, it is important to utilise the services of professional team of contact2me, to save you and your loved ones from getting sick due to dengue and other diseases. Our team will survey the locality and identify the source of mosquito breeding points like stagnant water, garbage dumps, swampy areas or open drains. Apart from spraying and fogging of the affected locations, our team will also give you some tips on how to control mosquito breeding. For best results, it is being recommended to use this service at least once in a month.

Pest Control service Charges: Rs 800 for complete one-time treatment

House Flies: The team of professionals at contact2me is also trained in keeping the houseflies away from your house. Sanitation and inspection will be done by our team at the clients’ location along with the use of approved chemicals and technologies such as ultraviolet light traps. These UV light traps will be kept at the maximum height of 4 feet, where most flies fly. These electric machines will be kept away from sensitive areas like kitchen and dining table.

Pest Control service Charges: Rs 400 for sanitation and inspection, Rs 600 for ultraviolet light trap