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When you do not hire a professional photographer, it may happen that this important aspect of the wedding ceremony may not get its fair share of attention or planning from you or your family. It’s obvious that all of them are busy on preparations for the big day, that this part may skip unnoticed. The wedding is an unforgettable experience for two souls when they take a step further to spend the rest of their lives together. The memories created on this day are very precious and have only a single opportunity to get them captured in the lens of a professional wedding photographer.

Problems caused during wedding photography in Bangalore are:

Lack of proper attention and planning: When you do not hire a professional photographer, it may happen that this important aspect of the wedding ceremony may not get its fair share of attention or planning from you or your family. It’s obvious that all of them are busy on preparations for the big day, that this part may skip unnoticed. At the eleventh hour, when you finally decide to take the matter in your hands, it may even make the situation worse as you will have a number of other things to look after at that moment. Not only during the wedding but pre-wedding and post wedding shoots have also to be planned for which special and expert attention of wedding photographers in Bangalore is required.

Lack of expertise and knowledge: It is possible that the people who have a hobby of clicking pictures may be actually good at it, but the once in a lifetime events like wedding deserves a more professional wedding photographers in Bangalore to take care, as there would be no second chance for clicking those moments. The hobbyist may not be knowing the perfect pose for the couple or the best background and timing to click the picture. Even if this all is managed somehow, he may not be able to make a good photo book out of all the pictures and deliver it to you for the record. The experience also counts in while deciding the location for pre-wedding shoot locations in and around Bangalore about which many people are not aware of.

Diversion of attention from key ceremonies during the wedding: Giving the responsibility of clicking those precious wedding photos to anyone in your family may make that person unavailable from some of the important wedding ceremonies. The person will be busy in clicking photos of you and your wedding, that he may not have the full enjoyment of the event. Running with and handling the camera in his hand, it will become difficult to be a part of your wedding with a whole heart.

Quality of photos: Most people can click photos, but the day like this deserves to be stored forever with the couple and that too in the best quality. The professional best wedding photographers in Bangalore at contact2me produce the best quality photographs and videos so that the memories of that particular day can be cherished forever. Our team of pre wedding shoot photographers in Bangalore have advanced equipments with them to give you the desired level of service.

Lack of proper camera and equipments: To be able to click the best quality photographs, other than the skills and experience required, you may also need to have a nice camera and other accessories. These equipments are generally possessed by a professional photographer for marriage. Even after clicking those pictures, the proper delivery of photo book and video plays an important role, which portfolio photographers in Bangalore in our team can do with ease and your satisfaction.

Why hire the best wedding photographers in Bangalore?

Skilled and well trained: Our team of best pre wedding photographers in Bangalore have been trained in using the advanced equipments and best available techniques of photography. They are experienced in working in different locations and had already worked with clients from all over the country.

Availability of equipments: The equipments available with the team are of high quality and advance in technological reach. Proper maintenance is done regularly of all the equipments which are handled with great care. They are serviced and repaired using genuine parts so that the quality of candid wedding photography in Bangalore is never compromised.

Online booking facility: Just before 10 days of the requirement, all you have to do is to visit the website of contact2me, choose a plan best suitable for yourself and fill the required form. You will soon get the candid photography Bangalore price quotes from our end and you can confirm the final dates.

Customised plan as per your need: The schedule of photography will be completely decided by you, and our team may work with you to make it more realistic or may inform you if your schedule is missing something important like pre wedding or post wedding photography. Our team of best pre wedding photographers in Bangalore may suggest you the locations for your information and you may then decide on your convenience.

Our services for candid wedding photography in Bangalore are:

Pre wedding photographs at trending and exquisite locations: Cubbon Park, Brigade Road, Bengaluru Castle, Peninsular Gneiss, Sommer House, Lalbagh, Yelagiri, Hassan, Ramanagaram and Nandi Hills are some of the most trending locations to have pre wedding shoot photographers in Bangalore. We will send the photographer with you and the charges will be on daily basis, rather than hourly charges.

Drone shoot: The new trend of drone shoot during photography is quite tempting and many couples now opt for the same, to have a bird’s eye view of the gathering, the firecrackers and to capture those precious moments from a suitable height. The shoot looks right from the bollywood movie and the aerial footage will look spectacular and grand when clicked by a drone. You just have to hire best wedding photographers in Bangalore, who has a dedicated team trained in flying drones.

Photo booth: Nowadays, photo booths are seen at every social event and what can be more social than a wedding attended by family, friends and relatives from both bride and groom sides. The quirky props and taglines along with proper equipment will make it worth to have a photo booth set up by our team of best wedding photographers in Bangalore. To make the experience more exciting and amazing, a number of photo booths with different themes can be set up at various locations across the venue.

Selfie station: Everyone wishes to post a nice wedding selfie on social media, be it the family, friends or the couple itself. To help you with it, we have come up with interesting selfie stations with adequate lighting, vibrant and amazing backgrounds as well as funny props.

Classic photography: Every Bangalorean wedding is still connected to the cultural roots and thus classic photography never goes out of trend. These classic shots have the capability of capturing such moments which are often lost in the glorious and colourful wedding ceremonies. The requisite skill set to identify such classic moments for the purpose is imbibed in our professional classic photographer for marriage.

Proposal shot: Apart from the ceremony related photography, our team of portfolio photographers in Bangalore also have a proposal shot for the couple, to remember the amazing moment for the rest of your life. Available in various forms and poses, this proposal shot is usually requested by our clients.

GIF: GIFs are nothing but small live streaming videos, which are currently in trend on various social media platforms. The still photograph usually features a subtle movement which looks quite interesting and unique to the users. It brings a specific part of the photograph to life and is in demand nowadays among the younger generations.

Storytelling: This is a unique style of photography which attracts likes and comments on social media. The candid photographs are more natural looking. Whenever you turn back the pages of your wedding album, these pictures will bring the fresh memories to your mind.

Candid photography: The dancing pose of your parents, the picture of a cute baby sitting in between the couple on the stage, or an intimate moment where you are sharing a sweet with your better half during wedding dinner, all these kind of candid photographs will be captured to bring the natural behaviour at its best.

Delivery of the photo book and videos: After the wedding ceremony, the ‘bad’ photos like those having distractions in the frame, bad expressions or lightning will be filtered out by our team and send the remaining ones to you for selection to be included in the photo book. Once you inform us about your selection, we will take just 3-4 days to compile them in form of an album, and send the wedding and related videos along with it in the form of a DVD.

You can also refer to the candid photography Bangalore price quotes given below:

Photography charge per dayRs. 10000
Travel and accommodation charges for the photographer to the locationAs per actual or to be arranged by the client
Drone charges per session of 5 hoursRs 15000
LED Charges per session of 5 hoursRs 20000 for 8*12 screen and 15000 for 6*8 screen
Crane charges per session of 5 hoursRs 24000