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Shifting home is a huge task, and the most difficult part is to shift the heavy objects like pieces of furniture. In the shifting or moving process, your furniture is at the higher risks of getting damage. Whether you are hiring professional Packers and Movers Surat or doing it yourself, you would want your furniture to be handled with care for a damage-free move. Without proper care and precautions, your expensive pieces of furniture are susceptible to suffer an accidental injury. However, you can still protect your furniture throughout the moving process. How? Here are a few ways that can help you have a damage-free move and allows you to shift and protect furniture while moving.

Get packing supplies : Contact2Me

A common misconception prevails that packing items while moving to a new location requires only cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and packing tape. Well, though these are essentials to pack items safely, there are a few more supplies that help to have a safe move without any damage. So, get all these moving supplies that include a bubble wrap, furniture covers, stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, etc. Make sure that you have all these supplies at your disposal before starting with the packing process.

Dismantle your furniture

If it is possible, dismantle your furniture for an easy and safe move. However, don’t do it without proper knowledge, always get or use an owner’s manual that guides you on how to dismantle your furniture correctly, without breaking any part. So, remove the legs of your chair and tables, take the bed frames out, and draw out ever screw carefully. Basically, dismantle your furniture to the extent it is possible. Hold all screws and hardware in a plastic bag and keep the bag safely to prevent losing them. Moreover, with the help of a marker or a masking tape, you can mark or note where each piece goes for later convenience while putting all parts back together. To avoid stripping the screws, do the chore of dismantling and reassembling without using much force, go easy and do it carefully. Also, it is better to do the task of dismantling at least a day before to save time on moving day.

Wrap the furniture safely

Wrap your furniture to protect them in the moving process. When it comes to wrapping furniture, bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are considered as the best tools. You may also wrap your furniture in a packing blanket. To protect your furniture from scratches while they are in trucks on their way, use cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces. Coming to fragile items like mirrors or glassware, a bubble wrap would suffice to provide protection. Moreover, while wrapping furniture or delicate items, corners are often left which is a big mistake. So, avoid this error and wrap your fragile items or furniture completely with special attention to their corners.

Take the right measurement with packers and Movers surat

Right or safe packing is not enough to ensure a safe move. If you want to have a smooth move, take the right measurement. If your furniture fits your old house, it is not certain that they will fit in your new house as well. Also, while moving, your furniture may get stuck at the door frame, or your items may suffer damage due to getting jammed in stairwells. So, to avoid such mishaps, take the proper measurements of stairwells, door openings or door frames, and your furniture. Measuring them would protect both your furniture and your new home or space. So, to allow your furniture to fit into your new home without a hitch, take the measurement. Furthermore, bumping into a door frame when passing through with heavy furniture is quite common during the moving process. So, cover the door frames to avoid any damage.

Don’t refrain from asking for help

Professional assistance can elevate the efficiency of the moving process by ensuring safe relocation. So, hire professional #packers and #movers in #Surat who can help you with the safe packing, loading, and unloading process. They can ensure a damage-free move by taking the required preventive measures. Also, ideal packers and movers Surat are well-equipped with tools and supplies to protect your valuable items. However, while hiring movers, consider their experience, reputation, previous records, and transport facilities to make the right choice. So, to ensure the safety of your furniture and other valuable, look for the reliable local packers and movers Surat.


So, protect your furniture by getting all moving supplies, dismantling and wrapping safely, taking the right measurements, and hiring local packers and movers Surat. To ensure your furniture reaches at your new home in a good shape, adopt the above-discussed techniques or methods. Plan your move strategically in advance. Make a layout to keep your furniture in the right place. While shifting your heavy furniture, fold them into L shape and hold them properly from the corners. Moreover, you or your movers can use shoulder dolly or lifting straps to lift heavy objects or furniture easily. Make sure to use blankets and plastic to prevent any damage. As discussed, often it becomes challenging to vet away from the door of the house with heavy furniture. So, you can use molding to remove the door. By taking professional help, you can reduce your moving stress. Right packers and movers in Surat charges affordable price without compromising with the quality of work. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you and would allow you to make the right moving choices!