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  • Disclaimer: We only provide the address and contact information of the service provider. We cannot guarantee you for the quality of that service provider. In case of any loss, you will be responsible for yourself.Contact2me will not have any kind of participation i.e. if the disable clinic or car wash is not providing good service and you are not satisfied then this is not concerned with our department. The whole responsibility comes on those service providers.
  • Payment: Any payment or online transaction you do with your service focal person it is on your responsibility. Our website is not responsible for any kind of fraud or other accident. We only provide a link between a service and its customer. Further verification is your responsibility. So, before making cash or other types of payment, read the clause on the contract provided by the service providers.
  • Reporting: If you ever feel that Contact2me is not providing the correct review of service you can report that. You can contact us along with your name, Email id and your experience. We will update it as soon as possible so that in future there is no such problem.
  • Privacy Policy: The complaint or any other file from the customer is always kept confidential.Contact2me always take care of the personal privacy of their customer and service provider. Otherwise, disputes and fights can take place.
  • Advertising Conditions: Any advertisement which is going to be displayed on our website should be appropriate and does not contain any false Information. In case of false information, the concerned company will be held responsible. Moral values should be considered before submitting it to the website otherwise in case of rejection website will not be held responsible.
  • Copyrights Reserved: The description about our website and of services is all in our words. None of them is plagiarised. Copyrights allegations also follow on our website. It’s according to the copyrights of 2018 and is yearly updated.
  • Policy on Abuse: If any customer or visitor gives false reviews or report in a wrong manner then according to the website policies he or she will be blocked right away. The user should be responsible for all his acts.
  • Safety Guidelines: Contact2me always try to update the correct and useful information of the service providers. But for the safety of the members and the owners, some information is kept private and is not shared to the third party. It’s for the best interest of both sides.
  • Information Update: With time to time website will be updated according to the information provided by the service members. So in case of wrong information website will not be held responsible. You should visit website time to time. In this way, current information will be provided to you.
  • Theft Policy: Contact2me provide information on different service. If a theft like an accident happens e.g. in Packing of house items or a car theft then we will not be held responsible. We will remove that concerned service from our website but actions will only be taken by you.
  • Sponsors Disclosure: The partners and sponsors of this website are not disclosed and always remain in privacy. This is for the best interest of both the parties.
  • Modification in the Terms and Conditions: As its company’s rules and policies, they can change it whenever it’s a suitable time. Many things in the background need to be optimized and should be checked from time to time. Otherwise, the website’s maintained will be disturbed.
  • Review Disclaimer: The reviews given on the website are purely submitted by the customers after they are satisfied with the performance of the particular service. If you have experienced something bad then that’s not website’s problem. Customer who gives the review is kept in privacy due to some technical issues.
  • Pictures: The pictures shared on the website for a specific service are purely original and are only shared by the service providers. The website doesn’t add them on their own. A regulatory panel checks and then puts them on the website.